The other day, I listened to a powerful podcast from a fellow boutique owner. I listened to her story and felt like I was listening to my own.

She was a stay at home mom, but felt like she needed something more. She loved fashion and clothing and felt a calling to open an online boutique. She talked about how she watched this little online business grow and grow to where she is today (4 years in the biz). She now has over 350k likes on her Facebook page, three hundred and fifty thousand!! She talked about how much this changed her life and how much she loved her job. It was meant to be a part time thing, but has turned into so much more than that.

I am less than a year into my online business and man, does this get my fired up. In just my short time I have seen growth. I am learning a lot as I go, and I know this is going to be my year. I am sharing this with all of you because you are all here on this journey with me. 

This past January I went to my first apparel market. Think of it as going to the best mall in the world filled with all of the best products. I went into it with a super rough draft of a plan. I am a person that has to see how things work before I can come up with a concrete plan. Day one was spent seeing all the amazing clothes for spring. Day two was when I bought all the new things. I came home energized, excited and pumped for this next season. 

I write this blog to save for the future. I want to look back on this on the day I hit 350k followers. I want to remember how it feels to grow. I want to remember where I started. I absolutely LOVE what I do and doing it with this group of ladies who are my amazing customers makes it so much better.